Penns Creek Angler

Why should you come and fish Penns Creek?

Why come to Penns Creek Angler? We design our flies specifically for Penn's Creek! We have specialty dubbing, necks and materials for Penn's Creek Flies! You will not find our custom supplies any other place. We will provide you with the flies and the resources you need to have a productive day on the water. Most of our flies are tied by local fisherman to match the hatches on Penns Creek. We also have a special line of Spring Creek flies form a local source available just in case Penns Creek is not fishable. When you come to PCA you will find we are here to meet your needs. Taking care of the Penns Creek family of anglers is not only our business it's our goal.

Why Fish Penn's Creek?

Penns Creek is the crown jewel in a state that's packed with legendary trout water. The Catch and Release section is locally know as "The Project". This tract of land is 3.8 miles long and has an old rail road bed that follows the stream very closely. The first 1/2 mile of the catch and release is privately owned but fishing is allowed however anglers are expected to stay near the water where they can safely walk. At the end of Weikert road there is a parking lot for about 40 cars, the section of the creek is inside Bald Eagle State Park and is open to the public with no posted land. Penns is a limestone creek that averages 80 feet wide from Poe Paddy State Park to the town of Glen Iron. 

The Catch and Release section of Penns flows through a remote and wild canyon that's only accessible on foot or bicycle, no motor vehicles are allowed. This water is perfect for fly fishing and contains riffles, runs and pools. Between Poe Paddy State Park and Cherry Run there are 4 pools well over 400 yards in length. The faster water separating the pools is of the same length and wet fly fisherman find it appealing and productive. On some days you may still see an angler casting three traditional wet flies in the classic down and across time honored way. 

There are three main reasons why the fishing is so good in the C&R section of Penns Creek. Foremost, the creek flows between the steep walls of White Mountain to the South and Patty Mountain to the North. Over time huge boulders and large rocks have rolled down to fill the creek bed with prime habitat for the trout. The second reason is the old growth forest contains large leaf trees that provide safety for hatching insects during times of heavy rain and protection from predators. The third reason is this section is a walk in or bike in area that provides an escape from the roadside park and fish areas. 

The attraction of Penns Creek only starts with the beautiful wild trout and the incredible scenery surrounding stream. We have a fly fishers Shangri-La providing peace, solitude and selective Brown Trout. The fish in the catch and release area average 13-20 inches with others sprinkled in that grow much larger. The insect population is complex as well as diverse and is rivaled by very few streams. Penns has one of the most prolific Grannom hatches on the east coast, the Sulphur hatch is tremendous as well as the famous Green Drake. These three flies alone would make a quality fishery. 

Don't worry if you see another fisherman on the water ahead of you, plenty of food will get kicked up and you may find the fish in a feeding mood. There's a healthy population of fish in this section of creek just take your time, relax and she will be good to you if you study the water. I can honestly say "every place I expect to find a fish I do". However, Penns is not a pushover, fishing can be complicated and constant adjustments will need to be made. If you are looking for a challenging selective trout she has a fish for you. 

There is a saying on Penns Creek "if you find big rocks you will find big fish".

Bruce Fisher