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The "Green Drake"

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At Penns Creek Angler we specialize in the Green Drake.

We all love the Sulphurs, Gray Fox and March Browns but the King & Queen of Penns Creek is the world famous Green Drake hatch. Even people that don't fish are amazed at the site of millions of these flies congregating yearly on our stream. You can catch large trout on the Sulphurs, Gray Fox and March Browns but when the drake is on the water its time to hunt a true trophy! The largest trout I catch each year are taken during the Green Drake hatch. The Drake starts several miles below Glen Iron and moves upstream each night a few miles until it ends in Coburn and Elk Creek. The water downstream of my shop is where the Drake first starts to hatch. This water consists of 12 miles of creek starting several miles below Glen Iron and extending to Poe Paddy State Park. It will usually take about 8-10 days for the duns to reach Poe Paddy from the lower section of Penns. An old abandoned  rail road bed follows the stream from Cherry Run to Poe Paddy and this is the true "Remote Wild Trout Section" of Penns Creek. This water is easily accessible from the shop and we will know exactly where the main hatch is located. There are many misconceptions about the Green Drake hatch on Penns Creek. Some of the stories are "the fish take Sulphurs or Cahill's more than the Drakes", this can be true when the sun is still out but once night falls the hatch gains intensity and that's the time to be on the water and casting #6-#8 Green Drake patterns. After dark you will be fishing for true trophy trout. Most fish will run in the 16-20 inch class with some much larger. Most of the serious Drake action takes place long after the crowds leave the creek for evening. My fishing starts around 10pm and lasts until about 2 am. The river is empty except for the few anglers that know the secrets of this hatch. One exception to this rule is, if you have an extremely overcast day or rain, then you will have excellent daylight fishing. Another misconception is the fish don't take Green Drake nymphs. The fish in Penns do take nymphs because they are very active for about 2 weeks prior to their emergence. If you are looking for an exciting Green Drake adventure we have one for you. Penns Creek Angler has three guides that that know the creek and this tremendous hatch. At the shop we can help you pick the correct Flies, Lines, Leaders and Tippet to fish these large patterns properly. When the drakes are hatching its truly an exciting time to be on the water.

All guided fishing is Catch and Release on public water.

Stop in to see a full line of "Green Drake Rods", "Green Drake Leaders", "Tippet" and "Specialty Flies" that work!

"Catch you Later"

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